Why do you have all those kids?

November 2, 2020
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By Delilah McMasters

Mansfield Record

Hey Delilah,

Why six kids? Were some of them accidents? Are you Catholic? How many have the same father?



WOW! Umm, thanks for the questions? Let’s start at the last question and work back to the first:



They are called “blessings” if you aren’t doing anything to prevent the pregnancy.

I turned 40 and we decided six was a good number to stop at, no need to be greedy.

Strangely enough I’ve been asked these very same questions before, and they don’t offend me. Hell, I’m nosy too! I have questions! Lots of questions!

Why do some people have kids at all? Is it because they think it’s the next step to being an adult? Shouldn’t you have to pass a test of some kind before you get to have a kid or take a kid home?

Why do some people act like their whole life was messed up by a baby being born? Wasn’t your life a mess before? Shouldn’t a baby be the very reason a parent needs to get their crap together?

Why do people think Catholics are the only religion to have lots of kids? Do Baptists have a kid limit? Do the Methodists kick you out after three kids?

Does it matter if they have the same daddy? What if they have the same father, but another daddy raises them? If they have different daddies, when you introduce the kids should you go ahead and give the facts on each father? Example: This here is Paul, his daddy is remarried and he has two more kids. Paula’s daddy is somewhere in Tennessee, haven’t heard from him in a while. Little Polly, well, I don’t know who her daddy is, it was a crazy girl’s weekend and ya know how wild those can be! But don’t worry, I got everything fixed before I left the hospital last time, don’t want to get a letter from the pastor saying I gotta go to the Catholic church!

Nosy, some better questions would be: Are you tired? Would you do it again? Do you get along with their dad?

Yes, I’m exhausted most days, but it gets better the older they get.

Yes, I would do it all again, but I would try harder to not stress and listen more.

Yes, I do. Without him I would not be experiencing the best part of my life, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Delilah McMasters is a local resident and the mom of six. Reach her at BlessYourHeart76063@gmail.com

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