Mansfield full of friendly people

February 23, 2024
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Recently I was visiting my sister-in-law in Mansfield and had car trouble that made my car totally stop at a busy

intersection (twice). That was the beginning of a series of events that was exasperating because of the car problem and exhilarating because of the outpouring of help and concern from the citizens and police of your city.

I wish I had names to share but I did not get or remember them. I was following my sister-in-law to a parts store when my car first stopped. A young lady in the car behind me asked if she could help or give me a push. I thanked her but was concerned it might damage her car. Then a young man in a white pickup stopped and said “I am going to park and be right back to help.” He parked then came running across the street. He said we should go to a parking lot across the three lanes to our right. I put the car in neutral and he went to the back and started pushing. The young girl got out of her car and started directing traffic so there would be no accidents. Not once did I hear a horn honk or see anyone acting exasperated about the traffic mess being created by my stalled vehicle. Once we got the car in the parking lot, I told the young man I would call AAA and see if I could get help. By this time my sister-in-law had realized I was not behind her and came back. As the young man was leaving a young black man walked up and asked if he could help. I told him I was going to call AAA to see if I could get a tow truck. I told him what had happened and he said he had recently moved to Mansfield from Georgia and wasn’t sure how to get a local towing service.

I tried several times to call AAA but never got through to someone who could take my request for aid. Then the young black man came back with some jumper cables and asked if I had called AAA. I told him of my not being able to make contact. He hooked up the jumper cables. When I told him that I had bought a new battery the day before so did not know what was going on. He said that sounds like your alternator has gone out. We left the jumper cables hooked up for a while thinking we might have enough battery power to get back to my sister-in-law’s house. The young man said he would follow us to be sure we made it. My sister-in-law tried to get him to take some money for his time but he would not take it. I did get out of the parking lot and my car died again at the first intersection outside of the parking lot.

A man in the car behind me suggested I call 911 and the police would come to help. I did that and in just a few minutes the police showed up. After seeing what the situation was with my car, they said they were going to push it around the corner into a parking lot. This is when the other citizens sprang into action.

They started directing traffic so some people could get through the intersection and others helped push my car around the corner into the parking lot. The police were so helpful and polite. I asked one of them if they knew of a tow service I could call. They gave me the number of the tow service they call but said they did not know what it would cost. I called the number and, AGAIN, super polite, helpful and reasonable cost.

While this was going on my sister-in-law was trying to locate an auto service that was nearby and reached B&M Auto Specialists. Once again, super polite and helpful. We got the address and when the tow truck arrived, once again, friendly and efficient service both from the driver and the lady at their office who stayed in contact to be sure everything was going satisfactorily.

When we arrived at B&M Auto Specialists the young lady who checked us in was very efficient and cordial. When I told her I was from Louisiana she asked when I had to be back. I told her I had intended on going back that evening but could go the next day if necessary. She said they would try to get the car ready before the end of the day. In a couple of hours, she texted me a note saying what they had found and what the cost would be. I felt it was very reasonable and they had the car ready by 4 p.m. and I made it back home that evening.

Apparently, Mansfield is a city full of people who are friendly, neighborly and willing to help. Just in case you didn’t know I thought I would share my experience. The car problem was not pleasant but meeting so many friendly people who went out of their way to be helpful made the day an unexpected pleasant experience. My sister-in-law, Debra Byers, has lived in Mansfield about 30 years and has always loved it.

Again, just felt I should share what a great group of people you have the honor of representing.

I am a native of Graham, Texas, but moved to Shreveport from the Dallas area about 50 years ago.

John Odom

Shreveport, Louisiana

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