City gives winter update on road construction

January 17, 2021
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This Quarterly Road Report includes street projects currently under construction or in the design phase in the City of Mansfield. For additional information, contact:

Bart VanAmburgh, Director of Public Works, 817-276-4233,

David Boski, Asst DPW-Transportation, 817-276-4208,

Raymond Coffman, City Engineer, 817-276-4238,

Street Projects Under Construction

Turner Warnell Road - Callender Road to Wayland Court (Street Bond Fund)

This project is essentially complete. The roadway should be open to traffic this month.

Mansfield International Business Park - Klein Boulevard and South Seventh Avenue

The Mansfield Economic Development Corporation owns land near Easy Drive and South Second Avenue and is preparing it for development. This project will construct Klein Boulevard, a four-lane divided roadway from FM 917 west across South Second Avenue and through the business park. It also includes constructing South Seventh Avenue, a three-lane, undivided roadway along the western boundary north to Easy Drive. Both roadways include water, sanitary sewer and storm drain improvements. Also, due to poor pavement condition and anticipated increased traffic volumes, this project includes asphalt improvements to South Second Avenue from the proposed Klein Boulevard south to FM 917. The utilities and paving improvements are substantially complete. The project is expected to be complete in March.

South Holland Road - Stonebriar Trail to Garden Path Lane (Street Bond Fund)

Holland Road will be improved to a four-lane, divided thoroughfare. The project will include finishing the north side of National Parkway west of Holland Road and a few hundred feet to the east. A traffic signal at Holland Road and National Parkway is also be included. This project requires significant detour pavement be constructed to accommodate construction of the project. Franchise utility companies have significant overhead infrastructure that must be relocated prior to beginning the project. These utility relocations are in progress. The project has been publicly bid and construction is anticipated to begin this month. The estimated construction time is 14 months.

Street Projects Under Design

Day Miar Road - Grand Meadow Boulevard to Seeton Road (Street Bond Fund)

Day Miar Road is planned to be improved to a four-lane, undivided concrete roadway. Roadway drainage will be curb and gutter with inlets and piping draining to an improved parallel open channel on the west side of the road. The open channel will extend from the south side of Grand Meadow Boulevard to the detention area north of Lake Ridge High School and then cross to the east side of the road through an improved culvert. Sidewalks will be included along both sides of the roadway and traffic signals at the intersections with Grand Meadow Boulevard and Seeton Road. A study was completed to analyze the pedestrian needs and safety around the MISD school sites to determine any additional project safety enhancements. This project will begin when the City of Grand Prairie nears completion of their reconstruction of Seeton Road. Both cities are coordinating schedules to assure acceptable traffic routing in this region. City staff is working on right-of-way acquisition. The project is anticipated to bid late summer 2021.

North Main Street / FM 157 Connector (Street Bond Fund)

The proposed connector is a four-lane, undivided roadway that will provide a connection from North Main Street to FM 157. This roadway will be located approximately a half mile north of Mouser Way and will align with the roadway in the future Watson Branch development. The connector will reduce traffic volumes along the frontage of Legacy High School and at the intersection of Main and FM 157. This project will also eliminate the current skewed intersection of Russell Road and FM 157 and will reduce flooding potential of Watson Branch upstream of Russell Road.  The consultant is also conducting flood studies of Watson Branch. In addition, this project will add a traffic signal at the future intersection of this roadway with FM 157. The traffic signal and turn lane improvements on FM 157 are currently under plan review by TxDOT. This traffic signal and turn lane construction on FM 157 is anticipated to begin in February.

Price Road - East Dallas Street to South Main Street (Street Bond Fund)

Price Road will be reconstructed to a 26-foot wide asphalt roadway. The project will include bar ditch and driveway culvert improvements to improve drainage capacity where feasible. The design will also include the realignment of Price Road at the intersection of East Dallas Street providing a safer intersection closer to 90 degrees than the existing intersection. Design is nearing completion and construction is anticipated to begin in early spring.

Heritage Parkway Westbound Lanes - Commerce Drive to South Main Street (Street Bond Fund)

The two westbound lanes of Heritage Parkway will be reconstructed due to current pavement conditions. A sidewalk will be included on the north side of the roadway. Roadway design is nearing completion with construction expected to start in early spring.

Lake Street - Tarrant Street to Pond Street (Community Development Block Grant, CDBG)

As a part of the Tarrant County CDBG program, Lake Street between Tarrant St. and Pond St. is being reconstructed with curb and gutter, a sidewalk on the south side, and a new water line. Design is approximately 90 percent complete. Construction is expected to begin in the spring.

Concord Drive - Country Club Drive to Stratford Drive (Street Bond Fund)

This project will reconstruct the asphalt portion of Concord Drive as a concrete roadway.  The 90 percent construction plans are currently under review. Construction is anticipated to begin in early spring.

Gertie Barrett Road - Meadowside Drive to Wildwood Drive (Street Bond Fund)

This project will reconstruct Gertie Barrett Road as a two-lane, undivided 24-foot wide asphalt roadway. In addition a new east-west, four-lane, undivided roadway will be constructed between Gertie Barrett Road and North Main Street. The location of this east-west roadway will align with Simpson Lane. Design plans (60 percent) are under review. Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer.

TxDOT Projects

U.S. 287 Frontage Roads - UP Railroad to Lone Star Road

TxDOT is in the process of the engineering design of both the northbound and southbound frontage roads of U.S. 287 between the Union Pacific Railroad and Lone Star Road as well as additional Lone Star Road bridge lanes. In addition, this project will include traffic signals at the Heritage Parkway and the northbound U.S. 287 jug handle intersection along with signals at the intersections of U.S. 287 frontage roads/Lone Star Road and U.S. Business 287/Lone Star Road. The anticipated bid date is October 2021 with construction beginning in early 2022. The estimated construction time is 18 months.

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