Stuck in Kansas and waiting for the house to drop

January 6, 2021
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By Delilah McMasters

Mansfield Record

I’m sure some of you are familiar with the saying, “I’m about to be a tornado to your trailer house.” Well, living with a 13- and 16-year-old has left me wishing I had a storm cellar more than once. I’ve got my knees under my chin, arms over my head, sitting in the hallway, praying the wicked witch isn’t me and they aren’t the flying monkeys.

One would think having six kids I would be an expert at some part of raising them. Nope. Since my kids range from 13 to 34, each one of them has upped their game to the point I feel like I’m hanging on for dear life and praying the house doesn’t land on me and one of them doesn’t steal my red shoes.

I browse Facebook and Instagram, all those happy smiling kids, all mugging and dancing, eating various meals, dressed oh, so cute! What are mine doing? They are mean mugging, eating chicken and salad for the fifth time this week, and their attitude has swag.

They have bad moods , disrespectful tones, serious contempt on their faces and they are so darn lovable and human it makes me want to click my heals and stay home with them forever and a day.

Why is it as adults we are allowed to have bad days, bad attitudes, be disrespectful, yet, we don’t allow our kids to have those same feelings of inadequacy, rebellion, defeat, exhaustion?

We are stressed out. What does a kid have to be stressed out about? Seriously, you want to know? Take a look at social media, even if your kid isn’t on it. Trust me, it’s affecting them. Your kids are strong, independent, know right from wrong. Yep, and it comes with a price.

If we get burnt out, why can’t they? If we have things that irritate the crap out of us, then why can’t they? It’s tough growing up, the hormones, the pressure to fit in, find your place, having money to do things. Oh, wait, the same reasons it’s hard to be an adult.

Next time your kid wants to be moody, rant, vent, hide in their room, cry or sit there with a sour-puss look, instead of telling them to “fix your face” or “when I was your age” or “what do you have to be stressed about?” find your brain, your heart, and your courage and listen to them. Let the monkeys fly and the house spin, and when it’s all over let them see behind the curtain and see we are all just trying to find peace and acceptance and there is no better place to do it than at home.

Delilah McMasters is a local resident and the mother of six. Reach her at

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