Valentine's Day changes as love grows

February 12, 2021
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By Delilah McMasters

Mansfield Record

Valentine’s Day! That magical day of the year! The day full of romance, candy, flowers, possibly the occasional piece of jewelry or maybe even a proposal.

When we are young and love is in the air, we float around the first two weeks of February fantasizing about how the day or evening is going to go. We spend our time leading up to this special day obsessing about shaved legs and a hot dress. Our beau, and every other one in the nation, knows seduction is the plan of action. It’s the well-known expectation that is our modern-day mating call. Your sweet-talking beau is gonna step-up and shower you with adoration and in return you’ll shower the floor with pieces of lingerie. Both of you are hotter than a $2 pistol and twice as fun!

Then, a few years pass and Valentine’s Day has become about the 5 love languages.

Your beau has become your man, you have taken full ownership, and everyone knows it. There will be no more flirting in the break room at work. There will be no more unscheduled boys nights. You are a couple! Dreams of the future are being shared between your hot sheets. Oh, you’re still giddy about date night, grabbing a cute nightie from Target, and slathering on some Bath and Body! He may call for some 1-800-DROPOFF roses and spring for the pedicure, and a little wine but then it’s Netflix and chill. Romance is still alive and kicking!  If Valentine’s Day doesn’t start your fire, your wood’s wet! It is the perfect excuse you need to wax.

Then a few more years and the shine gets dull but the love gets real. There’s no longer a need to stake claims, as it is obvious you are in this together. You both have the matching war scars from the jobs, kids and that fall down the stairs that time. Valentine’s Day is just the day before the candy is 50 percent off. He throws the chocolate she likes in the buggy even though it’s full price as she gets the 2 percent milk and toilet paper. Heck, on the way to the check out she grabs the beer he likes and he grabs some flowers on the sly to stick in a vase at home. You both hide the candy from the kids. You make sure the crumb grabbers are taken care of, maybe order a little Chinese or pizza, bring out the candy, pile up on the bed in an old T-shirt and read, play on your phones, have a movie you both like playing in the background to talk about.

Shoulder to shoulder. It’s not hot. And shaving is optional for him and you. But holding hands is as comforting as cotton panties and fuzzy socks. He still tries to sweet talk you, but knows how to read the room especially when you’re drooling on the pillow. You still know how to trip his trigger, but understand how a leg cramp can instantly turn it into a snuggle night. He whispers, “You’re still my sweet baby Valentine” while wearing too much cologne.

You still reply, “You’re my sweet baboo, but ya gotta scooch over, this hot flash is gonna melt my chocolate!”

Everyone has a different love language and it changes as you change, but it’s still love, y’all!

Happy V Day!

Delilah McMasters is a local resident and the mother of six. Reach her at

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