Start with a deep clean

October 11, 2020
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By Julie Short

Mansfield Record

Depending on what shape your house is in currently, you may want or need to do a total deep clean before you being the maintenance style of cleaning. Don’t be afraid of the total deep clean. Remember, getting started is the hard part. A body in motion stays in motion and once you get started cleaning it will make you want to keep going.

Before you begin the cleaning of your home it would be beneficial if you would do a cleaning out of your house. By that, I mean going through closets and cabinets and getting rid of things that you do not need. This will help you enjoy what you do have and help others if you donate the excess to charity. Your house will be easier to clean without clutter. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your Great Aunt Edna just because you give away the Jell-o mold shaped like Big Bird that she gave you. Stuff does not equal love! Stuff does not help you to honor the memory of a person. Stuff is just stuff so keep it in perspective. If you need it, (not if you MIGHT need it someday) keep it. If you don’t, pass it on to someone who does.

So, now that you have cleared out all the junk, let’s clean up! Cleaning top to bottom does work best if you can set aside an entire day. If that is not an option, you can break it into segments. You can opt to do this by completing a room top to bottom before moving on to the next or you can go through the entire house with each item before moving to the next.

I suggest completing a room before moving to the next if you have to break this into segments. If you have the entire day, going through the house with each item is more efficient.

Literally start at the top and work your way to the bottom throughout every area of the house.

Change air filters and vacuum or wipe down the vents.

Clean any cobwebs from the ceiling and walls. Check all corners.

Clean all ceiling fans and lights.

Dust/clean all windows and wall hangings.

Clean blinds and window sills.

Clean all curtains and window treatments.

Clean windows.

Wipe down all cabinets. Oil if needed.

Wipe down all countertops.

Clean all doors and door jambs.

Clean all switch plate covers.

Dust all furniture and knick knacks, any decorative items.

Clean all bathrooms: Mirrors, sinks, countertops, tubs, showers and toilets.

Wipe down baseboards.




Hopefully, you have already cleaned out all your drawers, closets and cabinets during your clean out so that you are starting with a clean slate. It will be helpful to hire someone to assist you with the top to bottom clean, if you have the opportunity. Plan on spending a minimum of $150 if you are going to hire outside help for this one-time clean. You should be able to handle your maintenance cleaning from here.

Julie Short has been married to her husband, Stoney, since 1997. She is currently working on a series of books known as Julie’s Simple Solutions. She is a Mansfield resident, business owner and member of the Mansfield City Council.

Find her book “Cleaning Your House in Minutes a Day” at

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