Raise your kids right to avoid messy situations

April 8, 2021
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By Julie Short

Mansfield Record

We do a lot to prepare our kids to be successful in their future. We spend time and money on their education. Blood, sweat and tears are spent to equip them for success in sports. We talk to them about relating to others and how to treat others. How much are you doing to prepare them to be clean and live a life of order?

It may not sound as important as their education, relationships and teamwork and it’s not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important at all.

Quick story, I knew a beautiful, kind woman that was divorced. As we got to know each other better, she shared that one of the major problems in their marriage was the whole cleaning thing. He was a very neat, tidy man who had an issue with germs and thought everything should be in order, always. She was the polar opposite! She might look put together when she walked out the door, but behind that door it looked like a tornado had come through. She was not concerned about germs and would almost rather throw the dishes away with the dried food left on them for weeks, than clean them.

Obviously, both could have and should have compromised on their standards but it was such a frustration, it lead to other problems and eventually they divorced.

If you are raising a messy and they end up marrying a clean, it can cause a problem. We should do our best to give our kids a basic foundation of being clean and sanitary. Discipline in one area usually spreads to others. The same is true with chaos.

Julie Short has been married to her husband, Stoney, since 1997. She is currently working on a series of books known as Julie’s Simple Solutions. She is a Mansfield resident, business owner and member of the Mansfield City Council.

Find her book “Cleaning Your House in Minutes a Day” here.

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