Communication is key for Mansfield ISD's Donald Williams

July 25, 2023
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By Will Busby

Mansfield Record

At the heart of communications for the Mansfield ISD is Associate Superintendent of Communications and Marketing Donald Williams, who joined the community in 2015 after serving for almost two decades with Bastrop ISD.

Coming to Mansfield was a big step for Williams and his family. He grew up in Bastrop, attended Texas State University, and his kids were born and raised there.

When asked what led him and his family from Bastrop to Mansfield, Williams said, "Life was good, and my family was happy. I did not intend to leave until I got a call from Dr. V asking if I'd consider coming to Mansfield ISD."

The call from then Superintendent Jim Vaszauskas encouraged Williams to visit the district, all while thinking about his children's future and their growth.

"At the time, my son was a junior in high school, and my daughter was in eighth grade,” Williams said. “Bastrop was all that they knew, and I knew how challenging that type of a change could be for them. I am also a man of faith and believed that perhaps there was a meaning behind that call, so I took a trip up to Mansfield to visit with Dr. V."

During his visit, Williams said he was impressed by Mansfield ISD’s position in the community.

He wanted his children to be ready for adulthood, and all that life would throw at them.

"A district encompassing multiple municipalities with a richly diverse student population was enticing," he said. "As a parent, I wanted to do everything in my power to prepare my children to be life ready, and I believe that exposing them to a diverse community in a rapidly growing Metroplex was a great opportunity to do that."

Fast forward eight years, Williams says his role allows him to tell the stories of students and the district.

"There are so many incredible things that happen in our district every day; it truly is a privilege to be able to tell those stories," Williams said. "Part of the stories that we tell and the messages we share are also focused on helping our students know that they can be successful, no matter their circumstances; we are here to support them in becoming college, career and life ready."

As with any job, there are obstacles. In today's ever-changing world of education, challenges must be faced head-on.

"The most challenging part of my role is twofold," Williams said. "The increase in crisis communications situations, which is the challenge that most impacts my day-to-day and the ever-changing landscape of public education, is the greatest challenge that impacts the bigger picture."

Expounding upon the challenges, Williams says you have to be flexible and ready.

"In a crisis, we are tasked with responding quickly but accurately, which can take longer,” he said. “As the volume of crisis communications situations increases, the ability to focus on the day-to-day becomes more challenging."

For those who know Williams, you likely know he's never truly 'away from the office.

"I am always thinking about how we can get better, leverage partnerships and provide more support for our students, staff and community," Williams said.

When not at the office, you can find him out and about giving back to the community through many organizations, such as Sunshine Rotary Club, Meals on Wheels or Life Church. Yet, at the base, Williams holds three important things dear.

"The three most important things in my life are my faith, family and fellowship and relationship with my friends," he said.

State Representative and former Mansfield Mayor David Cook spoke about Williams' impact on the district.

"Donald is amazing to work with,” Cook said. “His ability to take on a project from ground zero and make it epic is a special and unique talent that he has. He has a very dynamic and welcoming personality, where he is able to meet people where they are and is always willing to help.

"Mansfield ISD and we, as the Mansfield community in general, are blessed to have Donald Williams serving amongst us," Cook said.

With the 2023 Texas Legislative Session (mostly) behind us, school districts across Texas will have challenges in the upcoming year. The Texas House and Senate passed legislation impacting curriculum, tax rates, school safety, mental health and books.

"There are new changes to the Texas Education Agency's Accountability System that impacts our students, schools and district as a whole," Williams said.

"The reality is that these challenges make the role of public school communications even more important than ever,” he said. “We have to ensure that the community is informed of things happening in the district and that we are telling our story in such a way that the community knows what a great place Mansfield ISD is to live, learn and teach."

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