Cleaning Your House in Minutes a Day

September 19, 2020
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By Julie Short

Cleaning your house will be so much easier when you learn to make that mountain of cleaning into a mole hill. You know that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant … one bite at a time.” Your mind is such a powerful tool in everything you do. It will take some practice, but small cleaning in the course of your other activities will keep things looking good all the time and you won’t feel like that is all you do! You will find that you don’t need to set aside an entire day every week just for cleaning.

Here is just a quick example so you see it in action:

It’s 6 a.m. and I am about to run upstairs to make sure everyone is awake and getting ready for the day. Before I run up the stairs, I make a quick stop at the laundry room to grab the clean stack of towels from the previous day’s laundry and an empty grocery store bag. When I get upstairs to check on everyone, I put the towels away and empty any trash from the bathrooms into my empty bag. If I notice that the mirrors or sinks look dirty, I grab the disinfecting wipes from under the sink and give everything a quick wipe down, throw the wipe into my little garbage bag and head downstairs to throw it in the big trashcan.

I am back downstairs by 6:06 a.m. My kids make their own beds and bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room each day.

I start laundry first thing every morning and try to get it moved to the dryer and the second load started before we leave the house to take the kids to school. We always have, at the least, two loads of laundry each day. In the evening if I am thawing out dinner or waiting for the water to boil for some pasta, I go fold a load and move the second to the dryer and fold it before bedtime (during a commercial break of my favorite show) and the kids take their stacks upstairs on their way to bed.

When you put away your laundry, pick up the empty hangers and any dirty clothes to be taken back to the laundry room. If your washer is empty, go ahead and put all of the darks or all of the whites in it. When it is full, you can start a load.

When you climb out of bed, turn around and make it right then. It takes about one minute, throw pillows and all.

When you climb out of the shower, turn around and wipe it down with your towel after you have dried off. Use that towel to wipe your sink and counter top when you are finished getting ready. You can even use it on your mirror for spot cleaning.

Don’t just put your dishes in the sink. It takes just a few more seconds to go ahead and rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. If each family member does this, the kitchen always looks good. If you are taking out the trash and it isn’t completely full, take the bag over to the refrigerator and get rid of the take-out that didn’t get eaten or the broccoli that is going bad. You don’t have to go through everything in the fridge, just grab the obvious and it just takes a few seconds.

All of these little ways of getting things done will add up to a cleaner house in less time. It is just a matter of you thinking about cleaning in a different way. See it as small jobs that can be done in minutes, rather than a big task. Yes, eventually you will have to clean the refrigerator out and wipe down the shelves but how much easier will it be since you have been doing it a little bit here and there.

Julie Short has been married to her husband, Stoney, since 1997. She is currently working on a series of books known as Julie’s Simple Solutions. She is a Mansfield resident, business owner and member of the Mansfield City Council.

Find her book “Cleaning Your House in Minutes a Day” at on Amazon.

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